Alternative derivative exchange

Safety of funds

"Ensuring utmost security for your assets through regulated Third-Party Custody for Digital and Fiat Assets."

At Alternative Derivatives Exchange (ADE), we take the security of our clients' assets very seriously. We do not hold client funds but instead integrate with third-party custodians for digital assets and traditional fiat. These custodians are carefully evaluated and probed on a regular basis to ensure they meet our high security and operational processes standards.

Our focus on safe custody of client assets is paramount to us, as it ensures that no trade executed on ADE is ever put at risk. We work closely with our custody partners to identify any security weaknesses or operational bottlenecks and advise them on how to improve their processes to safeguard our clients' assets better.

At ADE, security and transparency are crucial to building client trust. That's why we take a proactive approach to evaluating and monitoring our custodians to ensure the safety of client funds.

List of supported third-party custodians

To be Announced.