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Where Technology Meets Innovation in Institutional Trading.

ADE is a fully regulated derivatives exchange overseen by the Securities Commission of Bahamas. Our mission is to provide our clients with institutional-grade technology, infrastructure and resources, ensuring they can access cutting-edge tools to support their trading strategies.

We take the security of our clients' assets very seriously, which is why we rely on trusted third-party custody solutions. Our exchange is powered by a matching engine that can process over 1 million orders per second, ensuring our clients have lightning-fast execution times. In addition, we offer a variety of APIs, including FIX, JSON, mini FIX, and Binary APIs, which allow clients to code their customized strategies and solutions.

At ADE, we recognize the importance of real-time risk management, which is why we've implemented dynamic initial margin and dynamic price limits to help protect our client's investments. We're also excited to offer alternative and unique products such as Hash rate futures, Carbon and freight, providing clients with diversified trading opportunities.

Our management team is comprised of industry experts from the buy-side, sell-side, and some of the largest Financial Infrastructure providers in the world, providing clients with unparalleled insight and expertise. As a subsidiary of a larger group based out of the Isle of Man, ADE is well-positioned to deliver on our mission of providing institutional-grade technology and resources to our clients.

ADE is an institutional venue with a traditional clearing member structure. We rely on a group-owned and separately regulated CCP that uses blockchain and runtime asset tokenization to facilitate the settlement of all assets. At ADE, we're committed to delivering on our promise of providing our clients with a secure, reliable, and cutting-edge trading environment.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to revolutionize the world of derivatives trading by providing a cutting-edge platform where innovation, transparency, and sustainability converge. We strive to empower traders with access to unique, uncorrelated alternative assets cleared via Clear Chain, in a grown up regulated environment.

Our Strengths


At ADE, innovation is at the forefront of our operations. Our platform is several generations ahead of competitors, leveraging the latest technology in order management and matching to provide solutions that are faster, more scalable, and more resilient. We focus on product innovation driven by our revolutionary technology stack, offering a range of alternative products including Digital Asset Futures, Climate Futures, and Freight Futures. Our Clear Chain technology, coupled with our integrated Exchange stack, allows for the listing of unique product groups, setting us apart in the marketplace.


Our platform is designed with the user in mind, offering a browser-based trading interface accessible via major web browsers, providing a feature-rich application with a high level of customization. This allows users to interact with our matching engine through complex order types and to survey the full market depth, their account balances, and positions in real-time. ADE's commitment to responsiveness extends to our real-time API options, catering to various client needs from low latency to feature-rich offerings, ensuring our users can effectively engage with the market.


Transparency is a core principle at ADE, where we offer market participants price transparency, a full market depth view, liquid markets, and transactional integrity all at a fixed low cost. Our fee structure is simple and transparent, with execution and clearing fees outlined clearly, aiming to be significantly cheaper than those of comparable venues. This approach ensures that our clients can trade with confidence, knowing exactly what costs they will incur.


ADE is led by a team of seasoned professionals with deep experience in the financial industry and technology sectors. Our leadership team includes individuals with notable careers in investment banking, compliance, and technology development, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the platform. This depth of experience underpins our credibility in the marketplace, assuring clients of the integrity and reliability of our operations.


Our platform's agility is demonstrated through its ability to quickly adapt to market needs, offering a variety of trading products and innovative solutions. ADE's technology stack is designed for easy scalability and high throughput, capable of matching in excess of 1 million orders with low latency, ensuring that we can meet the evolving demands of our clients and the market at large.

Competitive Fees

ADE operates with an extremely competitive fee structure, designed with active, institutional trading in mind. Our fees are straightforward and aim to be substantially cheaper than those of other platforms. This competitive pricing, combined with our transparent fee policy, supports our clients' ability to trade efficiently and cost-effectively, reinforcing our position as a leading marketplace for alternative products.

Meet Our Team


The two founders, Djordje Radic and Emir Kamber have worked together on various FinTech projects for close to a decade.
Producing low-latency Execution and Order matching solutions for a range of entities. Alternative Derivatives has been in development since early 2017; the technology has been deployed and the business is currently in the process of gaining regulatory approval.

Djordje Radic

Djordje Radic

CEO/COO of ADE and Tachyon

Djordje Radic on Linkedin
Emir Kamber

Emir Kamber

of ADE and Tachyon

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Key Management

Alex Wilkinson

Alex Wilkinson


David Hardy

David Hardy


Nick Andrews

Nick Andrews

Head of Compliance & MLRO

Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves


George Ferrari

Head of Business Dev

Pavel Moravec

Non-Executive Director

Alternative Derivatives Exchange is a business incorporated in the United Kingdom and will be FCA regulated before launch. It is established and operated by Financial Industry professionals, with vast experience in Capital Markets.

Empowering Futures: The ADEBSX Team - Innovation, Expertise, and Transparency at Work