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"Experience the power of diversity and control with our digital asset indices, offering simple exposure and precise risk management in the rapidly evolving world of digital assets."

ADEX Alternative Currency Index (ACI)

The ACI is comprised of Digital Assets listed on ADE and will take root in each Digital Assets market capitalization at inception, i.e. comprised of all Digital Assets (listed on ADE) according to their market capitalization as a % of total Digital Assets market cap.

The remaining percentage that would belong to the "other" category (i.e. not listed on ADE) is equally split between all Digital Assets, excluding BTC, to make the index more supportive of altcoin competition.

The index itself will be comprised of specific amounts of each underlying asset to create a possibility of offsetting the entire index through different-sized outright Futures listed on ADE.

This index serves as a way for investors to get simple exposure to the Digital Asset market in a proportionally diverse manner. Additionally, market participants can offset the individual Digital Asset values against outright contracts listed on ADE and control their exposure more precisely.

As new contracts get listed, new indices will likely be created; some to replace old ones as they require re-balancing and others to add to the product offering on ADE.

Composition Table (TBC)

SymbolQTYFungible Contract

The Bitcoin Index

ADE is excited to announce the listing of a Bitcoin Index futures contract. This new product will allow Bitcoin miners and investors to diversify their portfolios by gaining exposure to other cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin Index is structured similarly to traditional fiat currency indices such as the DXY, and will be composed of all digital assets listed as outrights and priced against Bitcoin. The exact market structure for this contract is still pending, and may be either quarterly or serial/monthly expiry.

The Bitcoin Index futures contract is designed to provide market participants with a transparent and regulated platform to manage their Bitcoin exposure. As the digital asset industry continues to evolve, ADE recognizes the importance of offering innovative products that meet the needs of clients. The Bitcoin Index is just one of many products that ADE plans to list to meet the growing demand for exposure to digital assets.

ADE is committed to providing its clients with a reliable and efficient marketplace for trading alternative assets. With the launch of the Bitcoin Index, ADE hopes to offer market participants a new tool to manage their risk and take advantage of new trading opportunities. Stay tuned for more information on the exact market structure and launch date of this exciting new product.

Any revisions to the composition will be publicized at least 4 weeks ahead of any changes being made.

Prior to the Index launch, a full specification including the composition will be available for view/download at this page

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