Alternative derivative exchange


"Unlock the potential of emerging asset classes"

ADE Bahamas offers a range of innovative products designed to meet the demands of sophisticated investors looking for exposure to digital assets and other emerging asset classes. At launch, ADE Bahamas will offer deliverable futures contracts on digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, versus USD.

In the first year, ADE Bahamas will work to add new fiat crosses to its product lineup, allowing investors to trade a variety of digital assets against multiple currencies. ADE Bahamas will also host several deliverable indices made up of listed contracts, providing clients with a convenient way to gain exposure to a range of digital assets through a single product. This will open up new trading opportunities through straight arbitrage and diversify the offering of digital assets available to trade on ADE Bahamas.

Product Pipeline

In addition to digital asset products, ADE Bahamas will also list carbon sequestration futures, climate futures, hash rate futures, and other emerging asset classes. These products will be developed in collaboration with companies already active in these markets and clients looking to hedge their inherent business risks. The contracts will vary in size and structure, providing flexibility for investors to tailor their hedging strategies to their specific needs.

ADE Bahamas is committed to expanding its product offering in partnership with companies that can facilitate custody and delivery, ensuring its clients can access various innovative products to hedge their risks.

ADE Product Listing Committee must approve all products listed on ADE Bahamas. In addition, all listed contracts will be subject to rigorous oversight and supervision by ADE's experienced Market Supervision team to prevent manipulation and ensure a fair and transparent marketplace for all participants.