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Initial Margin and Leverage

Volatility Management Like Never Before with ADE's Dynamic Initial Margin: Ensuring Orderly Trading and Risk Mitigation.

At ADE, we understand that market volatility is a constant and can impact your trading positions. That's why we employ a dynamic margining system that functions in real-time to adjust your Initial Margin Requirement (IMR) or leverage based on the volatility of the underlying market. Each contract has a lower bound limit in terms of its IMR, but depending on price volatility in any given market on ADE and the underlying asset, this may increase or decrease in real-time.

ADEs dynamic IMR systems help preserve orderly markets by ensuring all positions are adequately collateralised in runtime. Trust ADE's dynamic margining system to help you make the most of your trading opportunities.

Historical Initial Margin

ADE's IMR system is designed to ensure that traders have enough collateral to cover their positions in highly volatile markets, while also allowing for greater leverage in less volatile markets. As volatility increases, the IMR will automatically increase to ensure that traders have sufficient margin to cover their positions. This may result in a decrease in leverage and potentially unleveraged trading in highly volatile markets. Conversely, when volatility subsides, the IMR will automatically decrease, allowing for greater leverage. It's important to note that the IMR may take some time to decrease without manual intervention from ADE's Market Supervision team. This system helps to ensure a stable and secure trading environment for all clients.

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