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Clearing Structure

"Secure and Efficient Clearing with Clear Chain Bahamas - The Partner CCP of ADE Bahamas "

At ADE Bahamas, we are proud to offer our clients a state-of-the-art clearing system that enhances the security and efficiency of their trading activities. Our clearing operations are conducted through Clear Chain Bahamas, a subsidiary of ADEX Holdings. We are currently regulated "in principle" under both the Digital Assets and Registered Exchanges Act, 2020 (DARE) and the Financial and Corporate Services Providers Act, 2020 (FCSP) by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB). We will obtain full regulatory approval prior to initiating any regulated services.

Clear Chain Bahamas leverages the advanced technology of ADEX Technologies' proprietary blockchain-based clearing and settlement system. This system facilitates near real-time position netting and automatic liquidations, providing our clients with a swift and refined clearing process while minimizing counterparty risk.

Clear Chain Bahamas exclusively provides clearing services for ADE Bahamas. All clearing members are required to be onboarded by Clear Chain to engage in the clearing process. Members have the flexibility to interface directly with Clear Chain through a specialized web-based platform or through ADE's client-facing admin interface, Marmon, which integrates seamlessly with Clear Chain's blockchain system. This integration ensures that clearing members can efficiently manage their positions and settlements through accessible, secure tools.

Our system is specifically designed to clear exchange-traded contracts and employs run-time asset tokenization. Client assets are securely held by third-party custodians, who manage the assets and facilitate settlement as directed by Clear Chain Bahamas, thereby safeguarding the integrity and security of the clearing process.

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