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Experience a New Level of Connectivity with ADE: Choose Your Mode of Interaction and Achieve Your Trading Goals.

ADE offers a wide range of connectivity options for its clients to interact with the exchange. Clients can choose from various modes of interaction depending on their sophistication and needs.

For clients who prefer proprietary front ends, both web-based and Windows desktop-based front ends are available free of charge. Clients can also utilize open APIs such as JSON, FIX, mini FIX, and Binary APIs to code their own customized solutions.

JSON API is the API utilized by the ADE front end, which is a staple in the crypto space. It allows clients to integrate seamlessly into ADE in a familiar manner.

Binary API is an ultra-fast messaging protocol designed for low latency and high throughput. It is suitable for high-frequency traders, market makers, and other entities that require low latency in their execution processes. Initially, the Binary API will be offered only to clients collocated in the same data centre as ADE Bahamas.

FIX 4.4 is an industry-standard messaging protocol that allows clients to port existing strategies from other derivatives exchanges in an efficient and non-labour-intensive manner. This helps to improve time to market and contribute to keeping client onboarding costs low.

ADE provides clients with a variety of connectivity options that cater to the needs of the most sophisticated users. Whether you prefer proprietary front ends or open APIs, ADE has the technology to help its clients achieve their trading goals.

API trading

ADE provides its clients with a multitude of Realtime API options to code to.



4.4: Industry Standard Connectivity for easy strategy portability and integration Stripped out Mini FIX: for those familiar with FIX but looking for lower latency.


The most feature rich of the offering but also the most cumbersome. Utilised by ADEs WebApp and administrative interfaces such as MarMon. includes account balance tracking and charting data.


The lowest latency “bare-bones” native API. Recommended for collocated market makers and other more sophisticated trading participants.